Daily Archives: December 23rd, 2005

The Wind Singer

This is the third book I started yesterday, by William Nicholson. I’m not too far into it, and almost certainly won’t finish it today given Family Stuff, but it too is really good. Probably between Owl Light and Garth Nix in terms of age, I guess – certainly not as sophisticated as Nix, at least so far. It promises to be an interesting story about the disintegration of a civilisation, basically, presumably with some sort of redemption for the population given it’s aimed at a younger audience.

Crazy Dog

The Dog has been eating grasshoppers. Last year she ate them, too, but only the brown ones; she tried a green one and spat it out. This year, though, she is less picky: she is eating both brown and green. It’s hilarious to watch her jumping around the verandah, like a grasshopper herself, trying to catch them. Mad.

Owl Light

I read this book, by Maggie Pearson, yesterday – after Lirael. I don’t quite know what owl light has to do with the story, except that lots of it has to do with being out at night.

This is definitely aimed at a younger audience than Garth Nix was – I’d say 12 year olds or so. I did enjoy it, nonetheless: there are fascinating characters – the Stittle clan is hilarious, the local reprobates who turn out to be not so bad – and Miss Letty is just the sort of person I always wanted to be, a spinster who has the whole town under her sway. The main family is appealing in its normality. It barely rates as fantasy, I think, given it is set in the real world… the only fantastic element is a werewolf. He is not a huge part, although significant; I really liked the way he was incorporated, actually, because in some ways it made it seem quite normal, although fantastic at the same time.

Definitely recommended; in fact, I think I will probably read the next in the series.