Baby birds

I just saw a baby bird take flight!

I presume it was her first flight because she was pretty unco, and a bit surprised-looking.

*Warning: anthropomorphism alert*

I went out this morning, and there was one of the babies standing on the edge of the nest. I thought I’d watch for a while… I was just about to come inside when she launched herself out. She tangled in the climbing rose for a little while, then pretty much fell onto the jade plant underneath. She sat there for a little while, then jumped down and ran around in the plants for a couple of minutes. Then she got adventurous and walked out the gate. By this time the mother bird was back, sitting in a tree (having fed the other baby), squawking a bit. The baby went out the gate and into next door’s place, and now I don’t know where it is. I do hope it makes it back to the nest…

The other baby had taken up position on the edge of the nest, but after a short time I decided it was time for breakfast so I left him to it.

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