Daily Archives: February 11th, 2006

Back to the Future

Part III is on TV at the moment. It’s pretty bad. Entertaining, but still – definitely made in the 80s. Michael J Fox never ceases to amaze me just how much of a baby-face he was for such a long time; still is, I guess.

And The Mummy Returns is on next. I like spending Saturdays at home some nights.


I was so excited when I went to the video place last night – Serenity was out! I had been told that it was coming to JB on the 12th, but there it was – earlier than expected! There were two full shelves of copies, but more than 3/4, I reckon, were gone, so no telling how long it had been there… although it is only an over-night hire, so I guess unless they were overdue they can only have gone that day or the day before.

Anyway. We watched it this morning, and it was as good as we remembered – I think it might have been a bit better, because we had more of an emotional attachment to the characters thanks to the 14 episodes we have now seen. Of course, that makes some things more painful… I certainly enjoyed it just as much. And the extras we looked at were quite entertaining. We’re definitely going to buy it.

An Ideal Husband

The only time I have seen this was at the movies, at the end of ’99 (I’m not really that much of a freak; J and I had just started going out, which is why I remember). I saw it with Alisona and Kate – they are huge period-piece fans, and of Rupert too. Anyway, Kate recently got it on DVD, so we had a viewing today (she’s already watched it four times…). It was great, as I remembered: rather convoluted, in a delightful way, and not as embarassing as so many more recent rom-coms tend to be (and hence attract my loathing). The dialogue is so witty – they are both scandalised with me for not having seen The Importance of being Earnest; they think Wilde is great, although Alison more than Kate. Neither Alison nor I can decide whether we think Jeremy Northam (who I think was the intelligence agent in Enigma, another breath-taking movie) is a good actor or not. He was good in this role, but still a bit wooden. Cate Blanchett, though, was awesome, and the only way to decsrive Julieanne Moore is ‘sultry minx’; I’ve always thought that Minnie Driver, while great, was a bit out of place. Rupert, needless to say, was glorious. And the sets were great.