Daily Archives: February 25th, 2006

Lord of the Flies

I’ve just started reading it, because a bunch of teachers at school howled me down when I said I hadn’t read it, or even seen the movie (the b&w version, not the more modern American one, it has been insisted). Anyway, I knew there was a copy on my bookshelf in Adelaide, so I picked it up while I was there. The style is different from what I was expecting, and different from most other things I’ve read before. I’m wondering how much background of the boys will actually be given, or if he leaves it with them simply starting afresh on the island. The description is weird, but it’s good… certainly, I can see the island in my head.

Ocean's 11

We’re watching it at the moment. I love it. I still haven’t seen the original, which is meant to be fabulous. George Clooney is magnificent in it, and so is Brad Pitt. It’s so gloriously improbably, and so wonderfully glamourous.

Garth Nix

Sir Thursday is coming out on Wednesday!! I am so very, very excited! Hurrah!

And then it will be another year until Lady Friday… sigh.

Walking in the Rain

I walked in the rain today. Not by choice. It hailed on me. The things I do for my friends.

It was the launch for Kate’s Wishbone saga appearing on http://www.australianreader.com; there will be 13 parts, because some of the stories are a bit long so they are going to appear in two parts. It’s very exciting! She has had other stories in different websites, but none have actually made her their star. Hopefully this will mean more people reading it and heck – maybe she’ll get money one of these days.

She’s also had a couple of stories accepted by some radio station, which is also very cool.