Daily Archives: February 23rd, 2006

Remains of the Day

Mild spoiler alert.

I watched this movie when I was in Adelaide, most of it. I have, of course, heard of the movie – although I was getting a bit confused between this and Howard’s End when I first started, then I really noticed Emma T wasn’t in the latter. Anthony Hopkins was excellent, as I knew already. Emma T was quite remarkable too; her make-up was good, and not too extreme for the 20 odd years of ageing they put on her. There were some incredibly painful bits, of course – O that class prejudice. But that was nothing compared to the ending. I cannot believe that I sat through it only to have them not get together in the end! I also cannot believe how sentimentally attached I am to the notion of The Happy Ending.

I was very irate at the end, as a number of people can attest. I was yelling at the screen, in a rather frustrated tone. I was nearly stamping.