Films I have watched this week

Been at Mum’s – she’s got Foxtel.

Half of Virtuosity; we happened to turn on to it the other day.  Such a young Russel Crowe!  And Denzel.  Not a bad 80s techie movie, over all.

Arsenic and Old Lace, which I have of course always wanted to see; I’m sure it’s on the 1001 list.  I didn’t really know what to expect; I hadn’t realised quite how much of a comedy it was.  I didn’t think Cary Grant was that great, to be honest; a bit too over the top for me, which I think is both a reflection of the generation it comes from, but also my preferences in comedy.  Raymond Massey was probably the best bit, with all the jokes about looking like Boris Karloff, and I think this may be the first movie I have seen with Peter Lorre in it – he just makes me think of the Geni in Aladdin; he must play Igor somewhere.

I saw A Life Less Ordinary when it first came out, which I reckon was about 1997 or 98.  Ewan is so young!  And so is Cameron, of course.  I had forgotten a lot of it – a lot of the slightly weirder bits – but I really enjoyed it again.  Delroy Lindo is always pretty entertaining, of course.  I liked the slightly oddball narrative structure; it’s nice to see a fairly mainstream Hollywood movie (although I don’t know that it did that well…) not being completely linear and predictable.

And since I’ve come home…

Takedown is about one of the first computer hackers actually to get done, in the US.  It was a fairly average movie, in some ways – obviously not a huge budget, some mediocre actors (although Tom Berengar was pretty good, for his 5 minutes or so).  The idea, though – particularly because it was ‘adapted from a true story’ – was really quite fascinating.  The most interesting thing, I think, was the idea that a large amount of ‘cracking’ is actually social:  conning susceptible people into giving out information or codes, and using that to get into systems.  I had always assumed that it really did all depend on being tech savvy, but really – no.

The X-Files Movie: I have never seen this!  I got really into the series for a few seasons; I was a bit young when it first started, and after a while I got a bit sick of it.  But this was quite good; I liked it.  David Duchovny really was a cutey, and Gillian Anderson really was quite cardboardy (although I note that she is in some period thing at the moment).  I’m not quite sure where this fits into the timeline; I think it must be near the end, or at the end, because they came this close to kissing, and really X-Files was the worst/best show I think I have ever seen for URST (as a friend puts it; UnResolved Sexual Tension).  Pretty entertaining.

We watched Predator just tonight, because I had never seen the whole thing, which J thought was terrible.  It was surprisingly good.  I knew some bits of it, so there were few surprises, although both of us had forgotten or not got the very hunting-for-fun aspect of it.  Which makes Alien v Predator make a bit more sense.  Best quote:  “Ah ain’t got tahm [time] t’ bleed.”

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