Monthly Archives: August, 2006

Colonel Jack

“You ended that sentence with a preposition… you _bastard_!”

As with Carter – I _knew_ there was a reason I liked Jack…

Poor littleĀ Pluto!

‘Little’ being the operative word here, I guess… I will have to go into the classroom and put a stickie over Pluto on the class poster.

Still, it’s quite useful to have a working definition of what a planet actually is. And I guess it’s useful to know what a dwarf planet is, too, for whenever we happen to come across them in other systems….

The Zoo

Went to the zoo today, for the first time in absolutely ages. It was great fun. We saw:
Meerkats. So cute. Enouh said.
Elephants. I love elephants. One of them was throwing dust on itself.
Pygmy hippo. If I believed in reincarnation, I’d come back as one.
No tigers.
Gorillas, asleep.
Froggies. Little dainty froggies!
Giraffes. With a baby.
Fairy – I mean, Little – Penguins. They’re cute too.
Tortoises. Little ones! So cute!

And… some other animals, some of whom were worthwhile, some of whom were boring.

Samantha Carter

“Wormhole theory, motorcycle riding, and lock-picking.”

I knew there was a reason why I liked Major Sam, on SG-1.


I’m really getting into Jonas Quinn – the character is very entertaining. I still want Daniel back, though.

Jack as a snake-head, though?? Weird. Must have really wanted a holiday….

I killed my tiger!

I downloaded a Tigergotchi widget – I’ve quite enjoyed playing with it. I managed to kill it today – had the computer open playing music, while I forgot that I had sped up his lifetime… sigh. I’m not actually sure whether there is some record of how long they stay alive, but this one had managed to stay alive for quite a nice amount of time. have to be more careful next time….


Apparently they’ve canned SG-1 after the end of season 10. This is despite the fact that for the first time since season 4, apparently, they had the actors signed in and finance confirmed…. So maybe they’ll go to a different channel, or maybe – just maybe – it will turn into a movie or two… or possibly it will just remain canned.

Proof that JTV is better than Rage

No6 – I want you so hard (Eagles of Death Metal)
No5 – Hard Road (Hilltop Hoods)
No4 – Young Folks (Peter, Bjorn and John)
No3 – You only live Once (The Strokes) – so I’m not so fussed about that one
No2 – I don’t feel like dancin’ (Scissor Sisters) – first time I’ve heard this one
No1 – Smile (Lily Allen) – yeh, hmm, not entirely convinced by her yet.

AND TZU’s awesome “Sittin’ right in front of me” too!

Just… stuff…

I seem to have lost the Warcraft CD. I don’t understand how, and I really don’t know where.

I’m watching “What Lies Beneath” at the moment; that is, it’s on the tv, and I’m deciding whether to watch something that may turn out to be just way, way too scary for me.

My friend A is deciding whether to get a momento mori tattoed on her ankle – a quote from Andrew Marvel – I’m not convinced, although at the same time it seems rather cool and at least it’s for a good reason.

I think the reason why I don’t like scary movies is because I tend to take movies a bit too seriously, at least while in the action o viewing. I guess I’m something of an ideal audience for this reason. But it’s not fun for me.

My plants are going quite well. My winter roses are beautiful – following the Ma’s advice, I’ve trimmed the flowers and put them in a bowl of water, so I can actually see them, since otherwise they’d be outside and out of sight. My daffies, though, have been beaten into the ground by the masses of rain of the last 48 hours or so.


Well, it started off ok, but seriously, this movie has a really quite boring end. It was disappointing. Paul Bettany was great, but just wasn’t done justice. And three things really annoyed me:
1. The blue screens, while people were driving, were shocking.
2. They could use the interweb while driving. I want that technology, but I am not convinced that it is available yet, or at least not readily available.
3. The car exploded with almost no reason to. Pft.