Monthly Archives: August, 2006

Potentially disastrous

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. I have just installed Warcraft III…

I am not a cyclist

Today I bought a cycling jacket. It has sleeves that zip off – just one zip, which is very cool; starts at one shoulder, goes under the arm and across the back and around the other arm. But it’s red. Anyway, it should be useful. Warm. And rain-proof.

But there’s no way I will ever get cleats.

New Books

Mmmm, Readings’ Bargain Books. Bought three books today: Isabella, She-Wolf of France, by Alison Weir (not academic, but bound to be an interesting read); The Speckled Monster, about immunising against smallpox; and a book about Walter Raleigh, by a dude called Raleigh Trevalyan, apparently because he is a distant relative. Should be a great deal of fun.

SimonĀ Green

YAY for Simon Green. Seriously – YAY. I’ve just re-read Blue Moon Rising, and Beyond the Blue Moon. There’s a scene in the latter where there are a number of heroes fighting against overwhelming odds (of course), and I realised that it was really quite a lot like the scenes with Owen Deathstalker et al fighting a bunch of baddies. He really is a big fan of the group fight thing, with all of them bringing individual skills and so on. And Hawk and Fisher have a lot in common with Owen and Hazel. Hmm… I might have to read Deathstalker again… but probably not soon. I don’t think I could stand having to go through that again quite so soon.

Yay for Simon Green.

Snakes on a Plane

J saw the ads, and said in some bemusement: “It looks terrible!”

Oooooh yeh.


I am embarassed to admit that we are watching the Aust Idol trials. I blame J. Anyway, there was a dude just on singing R&B – Marcia and Kyle said yes, Mark said no. He then had a go at the other two, asking them if they really thought that 14 and 15 yo girls would buy R&B (cos they’re the ones who buy Aust Idol, obviously). HELLO!?!?! Who else buys R&B BUT 14 and 15 yo girls?? Goodness me.

And I have to say – Kyle? PRAT.


My sister is in to tea in a moderate way. I have a couple of friends who are in to it in a big way. I have been thinking that it would be fun to get in to tea, recently – buy me a teapot, loose-leaf tea, play at being refined… So on Friday I went to T2 in the city. I must admit that this shop was also a factor in deciding to try being a tea snob; I went in with the sis, and it is just such a _nice_ shop! Wood panels, a lovely atmosphere, and ta everywhere… a bit like Dusk for candles, and KokoBlack for chocolate. Anyway, I went and smelled different tea, and looked at the options, and ended up buying their Sixteen Stack. Now, this was moderately expensive, but: you get 16 different types of tea (4 black, 4 flavoured black, 4 green and 4 fruity) in beautiful little tins that I’ll definitely keep, all in a nice big tin… and that day, it was buy one get one free. Score! They are such nice tins that if there are any I don’t like (I am a bit suspicious of Really Russian Caravan, which is apparently very smoky), I will be quite happy at giving them away as presents to those who will appreciate them.

Yesterday I bought a nice teapot, and strainer, and one of those mesh balls you can fill with leaves and just put in one cup (with a dragonfly on the end). I then tried Sencha Vanilla, which was very nice; and this afternoon I had Botanica, which is all apple pieces and raspberry. Lovely.

I think I will enjoy being a tea snob.

The Sentinel

We went to see this movie yesterday – Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland are always good (and for the latter, I have just one word: Stereotype). It was fun to watch, but I don’t reckon I’ll ever bother watching it again. It was pretty predictable – down to the twist at the end, even.

Basically, a fairly standard action flick. Didn’t particularly have me wondering what would happen next, didnt surprise me at all, but still kept me entertained for 2 hours or so. Kim Basinger and Eva Longaria were both quite good, too, when they had screen time.

New LedĀ Zeppelin

Well, new for me anyway. I bought “Presence” – which has Achilles Last Stand (there must be an apostrophe in there…) and Nobody’s Fault but Mine, plus five songs I don’t know; and “In Through the Out Door,” which has In the Evening and All My Love as well as five more songs I don’t know. Pretty good, I reckon.

Jack White

Is there anyone else who thinks that Jack White looks a lot like Johnny Depp? And that Lollapalooza at least, he didn’t look that great, and didn’t sound that great either… I dunno, is that sacrilege?