Daily Archives: March 29th, 2008

Amazon eats its young: from an author-friend

You can read more of the gory details over here, but here’s an excerpt:

“By making a just-about-compulsory link with BookSurge (Amazon will continue to list books, apparently, but will turn off the ‘buy’ button), Amazon ensures that small publishers can’t go elsewhere. On top of this, they already demand (and apparently have no intention of changing their demand for) 48% of the published price for any small press books they sell, and they also apparently want small press to pay delivery charges. If publishers don’t do all this, they won’t see their books sold on Amazon. For books not currently listed, publishers will also have to pay a flat fee of $50 a book, just for processing.”

Sounds to me like Amazon is getting even more ambitious, and putting it some cost-cutters that it probably really doesn’t need to.