Daily Archives: March 13th, 2008

He’s so cute!

And he’s Scottish!

That would be David Tennant, aka David MacDonald!

I have indeed seen him once before, not on Dr Who, and he did have a lovely Scotch accent then, but I thought that might have been put on.

Anyway – he was the guest on Top Gear’s last episode of season 10. He’s funny, he’s got a lovely voice, he was hilarious when talking about Billie Piper (he desperately wanted to beat her in the time trial…) – if you’re a Who fan, and you haven’t seen this episode of Top Gear, you’ll have to try and find it; it could well be on YouTube.

First race-type thing

Melbourne City Sports with the YMCA ran the Super Sunset Series this year, and I think for a few years before. The first was at the zoo – walking distance from here, but only two or so weeks after I started running. The second was at Princes Park, also walking distance, but I didn’t find out about it. Last night it was the Tan – around the Botanic Gardens – not quite walking distance (about 8km) but I did it anyway.

I did the 8km run, which is twice around – twice up a truly ball-breaking hill. I finished in about 54 minutes, which wasn’t last; I’m quite happy to have done 6 minute ks. It also included the furthest I’ve ever run in one stint to date (without a walking rest), so I’m happy with that.

I was fairly stuffed afterwards, though – especially since I decided on a whim to ‘sprint’ the last 20 or so metres – where sprinting is relative after 8km, of course, for me at least. But my love was there to congratulate me, which was wonderful, and to ride home with me in the gloaming, which was fortunate. So I rode 17km or so as well as the 8km run! Which explains why I am still in bed, on my day off, rather than out running before the day turns to high 30s and I become mush. No – I’ve declared today a rest day. So I can feel smug without groaning too much from sore muscles.