Daily Archives: March 30th, 2008

Run for the Kids

So we had a delightful ride down to the Gardens, this morning – my darling came with me, to cheer me on and make sure I didn’t get lost in finding the right place. Fat chance of that – there was a gazillion people standing around. Seriously; there were more than 25000 people, I think, in the race.

We then stood around for a while… which was kind of fun, but also a bit boring after a while.

It was very odd standing in such a huge group to begin with, and to be honest it was quite a pain. There were two groups for the short course, which I did: green and white. Green was for “active and semi-active” runners and joggers; white for slow joggers and walkers. I went in the white group, because I signed up weeks ago and I thought was realistic. I really ought to have been in the green group, and I should have pushed further to the front, too. It was madness to begin – I crossed the starting line 7 minutes or so after it officially began – and it took a while to push through people to get a clear run. And, really, I don’t feel like I got a clear run until maybe the 2km mark. Damned walkers! I was still passing walkers for aaages, and they got in the way for quite a while.

My aim was to complete the run in under 35 min, and to do it continuously. I did manage it in under 35 – only just, and I reckon I can claim a minute or so of time because of the faffing at the start! – but I didn’t quite manage it continuously. I walked for maybe a minute, half way up the heartbreaking hill that is Anderson St; then a minute or so on the other side as well, because I couldn’t catch my breath. Still, I think that’s a fairly good result! I’m pleased.

Now, to be able to do the 8km of a double Tan in a reasonable time…