Galactic Suburbia #11

*yes, I’ve resumed posting! I could go back and post the other ten sets of show-notes, but that seems ridiculous… Suffice to say, you can subscribe to Galactic Suburbia through iTunes, or download it from our lovely website.

In which the paradigm keeps shifting, Jasper Fforde writes dystopia, Alisa still hates pirate stories, George Lucus ruined it for the rest of us, and we wonder whether there are still readers who think you shouldn’t have SF with kissing in it.

Locus Award Winners

Liz Williams selling her own short fiction

Open calls for subs for Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror by Paula Guran

Amazing, thoughtful article about one woman’s history as a gamer and the way cyberspace still drops the ball in catering to its female audience

What have we been reading/listening to?
Alisa: Bleed, The Company Articles of Edward Teach, Breaking Dawn
Listening to Clarkesworld Podcast
Alex: Shades of Grey, Jasper Fforde; Secret Feminist Cabal, Helen Merrick
Tansy: The Demon’s Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan; Moonshine by Alaya Dawn Johnson; listening to Boxcutters

Pet Subject: The Romantic Side of Science Fiction

Are there still readers who think SF and romance shouldn’t mix? []
Is the lack of romance the reason that fantasy & urban fantasy are leaving science fiction in the dust commercially? What are the best and worst examples of SF colliding with a love story?
Does having a love interest make it count as a romance? Where’s the line?
Does having a plot, even just a subplot, related to characters and feelings make it not science fiction?

Alex provides this vintage quote from a letter written in 1938, from The Secret Feminist Cabal:
“…females have been dragged into the narratives and as a result the stories have become those of love which have no place in science-fiction… I believe, and I think many others are with me, that sentimentality and sex should be disregarded in scientific stories.”

Feedback, etc:

[the management would like to note that Alisa gave up sugar this week and thus anything she says should be considered with that in mind]

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  1. It’s nice to see you’re back. This is why RSS is such a wonderful thing. I hope all is well.

    1. Thanks, Alun! All is indeed well… I’ve been sluggish about blogging again, but am starting to feel keen about it again – so here we go!

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