Galactic Suburbia #12

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In which we talk about publishers behaving badly, authors self-publishing, the future of reading and the price of a short story. Also we talk about books. Shocking, isn’t it?


Night Shade apologises for any problems they’ve caused any of their authors.

SFWA puts Night Shade Books on probation as a qualified SFWA market for a period of one year, effective immediately.

The Weird Revival.

Aqueduct publish their 50th book in 6 years of publishing.

Shirley Jackson awards winners.

Mythopoeic Awards announced.

Don’t forget to vote in the Hugos (by July 31) and nominate for the Ditmars (um… today, July 23)

What have we been reading/listening to?

Alex: The Walled Orchard, Tom Holt (abandoned); Soulless, Gail Carriger; Secret Feminist Cabal, Helen Merrick; Pattern Recognition, William Gibson.
Listening to: Coode St podcast; AstronomyCast; SGCast (definitely abandoned); Bad Film Diaries.
Tansy: Moonshine, Alaya Johnson. Palimpsest, Catherynne Valente on the iPad! Kraken by China Mieville (abandoned).
Listening to: the Ood Cast. Bad Film Diaries
Alisa: Power and Majesty

Pet Subject: self publishing in the changing face of the publishing industry

The Omikuji Cyberfunded Art Project
Apple opens iBookstore to self-publishers

We’re looking to do another feedback episode soon, so get your Feedback, etc:

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