Day 5 of 30 Days of Books

Day 5: a book/series you hate

Books I’ve not actually managed to finish? I hate James Joyce’s Ulysses, and yes I did indeed begin it, for an English subject. I got to the point where I was bribing myself to read it: “get through 20 pages, and you can read a chapter of that Eddings book.” Didn’t work. Hated the lack of punctuation (which I KNOW is a stylistic thing, I don’t care), hated the characters, BORED BORED BORED by the lack of plot.

That I have actually finished: A Thousand Acres, and consequently King Lear. Another I had to read for an English subject. This puts the story of Lear into the American Midwest, I think, sometime in the middle of the twentieth century. Again, I loathed the characters… and when it added memories of incest, it lost me completely. Can’t watch Lear ever again, by association (sorry, Amy).

2 responses

  1. so sad, Alex, so sad…in another time and another place, and if you were a different person, you would have love it…

    1. Too much pathos!!

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