Great Scott: Beverley Hills Cop II

Tony: 1987

Every fortnight (ish)* my beloved and I are watching a film by either Ridley or Tony Scott. We’re watching in chronological order. There are, of course, spoilers.

Unknown.jpeg*Haven’t sourced Bladerunner yet. We will get there, promise. And fortnightly it ain’t…

For the record, yes we did watch Axel Foley’s first outing in Beverley Hills Cop right before watching number II – it only seemed right.

A: thoughts on BHC 1: I would watch the heck out of a Taggart/Billy buddy cop movie; I would watch a film about Serge any day of the week; I love Eddie Murphy’s laugh. A black lead detective, a black boss policeman, and an interracial BFF seems very progressive for 1984. Also, THE MUSIC.

J: First notes of the music, is this Top Gun or Beverley Hills Cop II ?

A: Opens with an ice queen! I adore her style.

J: Camera meets shaving cream – defeated…

A: That’s one of the most beautifully choreographed heists I’ve seen in a while.

J: NOW we’re in Detroit… Don Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott…

A: Murphy is pulling the same scam as at the start of the first movie, only this time it’s in a suit and with a Ferrari instead of in a muscle top with a van. Because I guess you have to move up?

Cut to Beverley Hills and it’s our Lt from the first film, going for a run… and checking out the sand? Huh. And he and Foley are BFF now. They fish together. So cute.

… and the Beverley Hills Lt is first suspended and then shot, critically wounded. Meanwhile OMG I love Inspector Todd SO MUCH. I would watch a film that was just all about him yelling at cops.

J: “All I smell is your buuuulllshit”.

A: Billy and Taggart are still SO CUTE. Their bromance is adorable, with Billy being all ‘you have to look after yourself’ and Taggart all ‘you are such a puppy’.

J: Everything is a caricature in Beverley Hills. Aviators, Cops, Girls, Motorbikes … everything.

A: Apparently, if you yell enough, people will be freaked out by you and pay attention and do whatever you say. At least, if you look and sound like Axel Foley. Also, sound-seeking projectiles? Really? Oh Axel.

Investigating the Beverley Hills crimes and he’s off to a gun club, where he makes lascivious comments about the ice queen and accidentally shoots a real gun in a laser-target range.

And then there’s ANOTHER strip club. But more amusingly, Billy’s house is full of plants, which he refers to as his friends, and a turtle. And several guns. And a Rambo poster.

This one isn’t as funny as the first.

J: I’m not feeling the Tony Scott magic …

A: He’s not to blame for poor writing. Although Taggart in those golf pants is a great running gag. And Billy pulling out a crazy big knife is pretty funny. Where the first film seemed to be taking a leaf out of the Blues Brothers in some of its car chases, this one is missing those sorts of beats; when there are car chases they’re not as amusing. Also the music isn’t as good either.

This was the first movie filmed at the Playboy Mansion, apparently. Volleyball. I wonder how much Hugh got for those 2 minutes of footage.

J: Should we abandon this review and choose another movie on account of it being not very good….

A: “We started together, we’re going to finish together.” Besides, I watched all of Top Gun.

Karla killed her co-conspirators! She is reminding me so much of Grace Jones in James Bond right now.

Somehow, this narrative includes insurance fraud, jewellery heists, oil, and gun running. Hurts my head. AND Billy has suddenly gone from using a teensy pea-shooter in the first film to totally packing ludicrous amounts of heat, and it’s a running joke that someone needs to have a chat with him about that. But somehow even that joke falls flat.

J: ZZZZZzzzzzz…….

A: I will have Axel F’s theme song stuck in my head for a week. I am so disappointed that this film isn’t what I was expecting, after the amusement of the first film, that I can’t bring myself to watch BHC III, and I certainly won’t be watching the TV movie that was made in 2013, featuring Axel’s son, Aaron.

Actors out of place:

Paul Reiser playing a very similar character to his character in Aliens;

Dean Stockwell not being a cylon;

Chris Rock in his first film!

… and Hugh Heffner…


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