FarScape: s1, e13

Farscape rewatch

Each week on a Sunday afternoon, join Alex (of Randomly Yours, Alex) and Katharine (of the unpronounceable Ventureadlaxre), as they re-watch the Australian-American sci-fi show Farscape, notable for the Jim Henson animatronic puppets, the excellent mish-mash of accents, and the best OTP ship of all time.

Season One, Episode Thirteen: The Flax

As always, when things go wrong they go wrong in multiple areas all at once. A simple flying lesson turns much more deadly when Aeryn and Crichton get stuck in The Flax, and all they have to rely on to help them in a ‘garbage connoisseur’.

K: Aeryn is trying to teach Crichton how to pilot one of the shuttles, to half-baked results, however he is happy enough – she reckons she’ll kill him if he pilots so poorly again.

A: this is hilarious and of course it’s basically a driving lesson, which is always dangerous.

K: Everyone’s getting a bit tetchy due to Moya’s pregnancy somehow. I’m not entirely sure what’s so bad – if they’ve managed to find an empty bit of space surely life ain’t so bad.

A: Or they’re just wandering along and happened across it?

K: Aeryn says that someday Crichton may be vaguely useful, which is almost a compliment, and then everything goes to shit. Probably literally.

A: An invisible THING pulling them in?? Oh no!

And the credits tell me RHYS MULDOON is going to be in this episode!!  (HAWT)

I love that Pilot makes a screeching noise to make everyone shut up. 

K: Just what we need. More Aussie ratbags who look like rejects from Red Dwarf. Most Aussies will know Muldoon from all the usual Aussie things like Water Rats but also my absolute favourite show as a kid – Genie from Down Under. He was Bruce! Anyway, now he’s a ‘garbage connoisseur’ apparently. He knows all about some Flax thing that’s an invisible web left by pirates that totally locks down a ship but leaves it otherwise in good order.

A: MULDOON! With awesome hair. But without the sense he should have been born with, to not recognise that Rygel is playing him. Although given he has a criminal record, perhaps he might have some intelligence… I do love that their worldmakers have gone so far as to create a game and actually show them playing.

K: And he has no boy bits apparently.  

A: AHAHA damn. “We’re not exactly cut from the standard mould” – HA! Just another alien, right?

K: I find it interesting that Peacekeepers consider tech work beneath them, to the point where if they crash or otherwise get in technical trouble, they just wait until they can take over another ship and continue on their merry murdering way. Strangely ineffective. Still, she doesn’t seem to think too poorly of John having a go at tech work.

A: yeh, I think that’s one of the interesting changes in Aeryn, is her being more willing to do the science type stuff. And yes, the Peacekeeper attitude is truly inefficient. 

K: D’Argo makes a deal with the dodgy Aussie. Never a good idea.

A: NOTHING dodgy about Muldoon, dude.

The graphics are pretty awful.

K: More so than usual. And then John and Aeryn set to make their way back, to again, limited results and sudden fire. I would have thought fire is the number one you don’t want to happen in space. Chris Hadfield said!

A: There’s a lot of being thrown around a confined space so far in this episode. Aeryn is prepared to joke at this stage regarding chopping off her own foot?? I love her.

K: Rygel continues to be useless.

A: And Zhaan is showing a much lower level of tolerance for Rygel’s crap. Also, Muldoon is basically saying he’s a Womble – picking up what other people discard and making it useful…

K: At least we get a chance to see Zhaan bamboozle some pirates.

A: I really like that D’Argo is worried about Moya. Pity Rygel is stoned and even more stupid than usual.

K: Aeryn and John discuss options, and I’d just been thinking that while they’d been throwing themselves around the ship in their many crashes they hadn’t somehow found a chance to fall on each other. Third time’s the charm? Get him a pillow, Aeryn!

A: John looks both uncomfortable and somewhat intrigued.

K: Aeryn literally puts her life in Crichton’s hands

A: which is adorable and COLD.

K: Meanwhile, everyone else relies on none other than Rygel. No matter what, we’re not marking this episode down as a win for Rygel.

Or not! Oh, finally fire is mentioned as important. Good.

A: I love Aeryn’s awareness of how she works: just give me a number and I’ll do it!

K: Goodness they’re all grumpy. And John seems way more freaked out about being in Aeryn’s hands than she was in his. Peacekeepers are athiests, eh?

A: I love Aeryn’s dismissal of the idea of learning CPR – far too complicated! – and then I realised that John was going to physically SHOW Aeryn and ahaha and then we cut to D’Argo and Rhys. Pft.

How did Rhys get clear of the Flax? That makes zero sense.

It makes sense that Peacekeepers are atheists. If nothing else, it would be pretty taxing for the writers to create a believable belief system…

K: Rygel is reckless. And is that Aeryn’s own voice counting down?

A: Rygel is a jackass. And it probably is Aeryn – again with budget! – isn’t Pilot voiced by D’Argo or something? I forget.

K: Aeryn fails to make the repairs, John almost dies, Rygel fails to win the game, D’Argo fails to be a decent Luxon… the list goes on.

A: Amongst the more dramatic episodes of the show.And Rygel just gets worse and worse. Although I guess by giving up Rhys and D’Argo’s location, he was fulfilling his bet.  

Rygel was BLUFFING?! On behalf of Moya and everyone else?!

K: As John and Aeryn huddle together for warmth, Aeryn admits she doesn’t want to die alone despite her training to live and work and fight and die alone. And then a kiss because why not. One that looks quite uncomfortable in those suits with those collars so – oh, sure, fine, take them off then. I thought you were cold!

A: Just listen to that rising triumphal music. NAW.

K: D’Argo is like the worst parent ever.

A: And AHAHA D’Argo arrives at exactly the right moment. Magnificent. This is going to be THE most awkward thing in the world, going forward.

K: N’aww, I love you too, Bruce!

A: NAW Rhys! I am amused by how incapable D’Argo is of dealing with this, although it is rather indicative of homophobia, I think.

K: It is, a bit.

A: Eh. 

K: Aww, how adorable, Aeryn and John are trying to deny their intent for some reason. ‘Female of your species’, John, really? Why does it even matter. Eugh, get to the tongue vial things already. (I think it’s like a season away?)

A: Kinda cute, kinda silly, foreboding for more possible interaction in future.

In summary, I’d trust Aeryn anyday.

Number of times Zhaan saves the day: 1

Number of times Aeryn saves the day: 3

Number of times John saves the day: 5

Times John compares someplace to Earth: 1

References Star Wars: 1

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