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My bro lives in Darwin. Bad sister that I am, I had no idea that there was a cyclone anywhere near him – as this shows. (Innit cool? I love BOM.) Of course, a cyclone isn’t something that was going to panic him, for numerous reasons – he’s a boy who doesn’t like to show emotion, we lived through one as kids as well as a number of warnings. His unit would have been fine to see it through should it actually have got closer to Darwin, with just one problem – they’re very close to the sea, and hence the flood zone. But it’s Darwin, and there are lots of contingencies: houses are built cyclone-coded, which means most have a suitable shelter, and if you’re really worried there are lots of public places – like schools – you can shelter in.

Anyway – it’s gone south of Darwin, and drenched Adelaide River – which is funny only because Adelaide River is where the panickers generally head when there’s a cyclone alert. It’s now just a low, but the problem will be if it manages to hit the coast again and either turns around or crosses the Qld coast. Not that it can pick up that much strength in such a short stretch of water, but you never know.

Darwin and its rain

Apparently Darwin is flooded. At least, that’s what the news said – I don’t know what they’re counting as Darwin, whether it’s just Coconut Grove in its tidal zone, or if it’s way out at Bees Creek, or exactly what. Maybe I’ll hear from my brother at some stage. Ha!

Happy Bombing of Darwin Day

Yes, today is the anniversary of the first Japanese bombing of Darwin during WWII. A serious amount of damage was done, and a number of ships were sunk, and lots of people were killed. Nasty. No one expected that it would actually happen… and then it did.