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Chaussons mignons

Knitting these are my latest fad:photoAren’t they cute?? I got the pattern from this blog, and although I initially found the instructions for the construction phase a little confusing when I actually attempted it, it made sense.

They require very little yarn, and I think I make a pair in about 90 min – including TV watching time. And they require yarn at the chunkier end of the spectrum – I think the grey is 10 ply – so they’re not finicky to knit.


Knitting. Knitting socks

Last year I got adventurous and I decided to try my hand at knitting socks. How hard can it be, right?? Fortunately, unbeknownst to me I had actually been practising the hard bits – some of the monster feet in Rebecca Danger’s patterns have turned heels etc. So the answer was “not quite as hard as I expected,” while still being a serious slog. Nice socks are made from awfully light yarn! Anyway, for my birthday the ever-lovely Alisa sent me a flying saucer.  The yarn itself comes as what looks like a flying saucer, and if you knit it right you get flying saucers as part of the pattern! Awesome!

Yeh. That ‘knitting it right’ bit? That’s the hard bit. These socks caused a wee bit of angst, it’s fair to say. I got this far:


when I decided that, because it didn’t look exactly like the pattern, I was clearly doing it wrong. So I ripped it apart, re-rolled the ball of yarn, started again… and got no pattern whatsoever. So… unknit, re-roll again, cast on again, knit. Ignore the fact that I only got a half-saucer

photo copy 4

and just deal with it as best I can.

photo copy 2

I was pretty happy when, by following the directions (after getting to the heel, cut, re-roll, keep going) I got another half-saucer on the foot, and then another again at the toe.

photo copy 3

So, overall I am quite happy with my flying saucer socks. They fit; they have funky patterns. I wish I had made them longer (I’m still learning exactly how long my legs are, and when it says ’20cm from cast on to heel’? that’s not very long on me.

Flying saucer socks!!