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Fringe-y fairies

I’ve rewatched the first season of Fringe and made these, in the last few weeks:


Quite happy with how they turned out. I was meant to have yellow and brown, too – not sure how I forgot to order those – but I made do.


Yes, I knitted some.

These were… epic. For me. One of the more involved projects I’ve undertaken, because the legs are all moss stitch. It wasn’t actually hard (although some of the instructions didn’t make that much sense), but – yeh. They took a while. Not sure I’ll make them again unless someone very, VERY dear to me has a toddler. And even then they better be pretty darn cute.




I made one. Here, it is being modelled by its possessive would-be owner. Yes, it is that big (the would-be owner is an adult).


A little crafty update

IMG_0668This one I’ve had finished for a while. I am super happy with how the colours worked out and I just think it’s gorgeous.

IMG_0669This one… well. You can see that the two sides are wonky. Not sure where I went wrong on the right chest there. One front panel is longer than the other because I didn’t count stitches properly. But I still hope that it might get worn… I think it will be quite warm…

And this one. I love this one. It’s for a dear friend’s newborn, and I love the yarn and I love the collar and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Because of the buttons I finally went to buy buttons; I went to a huge op-shop near me and they had one bag of mismatched buttons. Now it is mine and I will never have to complain about not having buttons again.


photoWell, I’ve finally done it.

I knitted a piece of clothing that really counts as clothing… because my brain suggests that mittens, hats, socks and scarves don’t really count.

Just don’t argue with the brain. It’s not really worth it.

Anyway, this cute little number will fit my goddaughter for all of five minutes, but she seems to love it for now. In fact I made the mistake of showing it to her before I put the buttons on and it took me weeks, and her mother’s determination for it to have buttons, to get it back in order to attach them.

This was most definitely a labour of love because I made several rather frustrating errors when I started that saw a few hours’ worth of working being ripped and redone.






photo 1

So there’s this. I started knitting it months ago… ran out of the blue, but I always planned on giving it particoloured limbs anyway… but I stopped, and lost momentum. Knitted some other things. Finally, I realised the birthday is fast approaching that this is intended for, so that spurred me on. Didn’t take long to finish it off. photo 2

Why yes, more gloves


photo 8.22.39 pm

These ones are for me, me I tell you! One of the first times I’ve altered a pattern; the original just had a single cable line down the middle, but after I’d done most of it I decided that was a bit boring, and not worth the glory that is this delightful yarn: 50% silk! I’m really looking forward to wearing these.

photoThese are for a friend. She has much smaller hands than me, which is good because these are quite the squeeze on my hands. I wouldn’t have even tried to put them on except that I needed to check the length of the thumb…


More mittens

photoI guess it’s possible I’m a little obsessed with fingerless gloves at the moment. But these ones aren’t for me! I guess this will be a test to see whether the recipient ever reads this blog…



photo 1

Made me some fingerless gloves.
photo 2
Pretty happy with these. Looking forward to wearing them when it gets cooler. Which, given this city, could well be next week.

Chaussons mignons

Knitting these are my latest fad:photoAren’t they cute?? I got the pattern from this blog, and although I initially found the instructions for the construction phase a little confusing when I actually attempted it, it made sense.

They require very little yarn, and I think I make a pair in about 90 min – including TV watching time. And they require yarn at the chunkier end of the spectrum – I think the grey is 10 ply – so they’re not finicky to knit.