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Cute things



Yup, more knitting, for babies again. The monsters are Claudes, from Rebecca Danger; the booties and cap are ones that I have knitted heaps over the last few months – they’re incredibly rewarding because they’re done SO FAST. photo

photo copy

Knitting. Knitting socks

Last year I got adventurous and I decided to try my hand at knitting socks. How hard can it be, right?? Fortunately, unbeknownst to me I had actually been practising the hard bits – some of the monster feet in Rebecca Danger’s patterns have turned heels etc. So the answer was “not quite as hard as I expected,” while still being a serious slog. Nice socks are made from awfully light yarn! Anyway, for my birthday the ever-lovely Alisa sent me a flying saucer.  The yarn itself comes as what looks like a flying saucer, and if you knit it right you get flying saucers as part of the pattern! Awesome!

Yeh. That ‘knitting it right’ bit? That’s the hard bit. These socks caused a wee bit of angst, it’s fair to say. I got this far:


when I decided that, because it didn’t look exactly like the pattern, I was clearly doing it wrong. So I ripped it apart, re-rolled the ball of yarn, started again… and got no pattern whatsoever. So… unknit, re-roll again, cast on again, knit. Ignore the fact that I only got a half-saucer

photo copy 4

and just deal with it as best I can.

photo copy 2

I was pretty happy when, by following the directions (after getting to the heel, cut, re-roll, keep going) I got another half-saucer on the foot, and then another again at the toe.

photo copy 3

So, overall I am quite happy with my flying saucer socks. They fit; they have funky patterns. I wish I had made them longer (I’m still learning exactly how long my legs are, and when it says ’20cm from cast on to heel’? that’s not very long on me.

Flying saucer socks!!

Knitting a stegosaurus

I did so. The spikes are not entirely straight, and it turns out the grey was a larger (heavier?) yarn than the green so they’re a bit skewiff, but… she’s pretty cute, I

Monsters everywhere


Well, just two:

this one is for a friend’s baby that doesn’t actually live in the world yet…










while this one is for an adult friend who I think will appreciate it.

The eyes are a bit funny…

A cowl of a time

I started this scarf on 6 January. Around mid January I realised that I had made a serious error, in misunderstanding what it meant to ‘knit the knits and purl the purls’ – never having complied with such instructions before. My mum arrived for the tennis, and she rather bluntly told me to unravel and start again. this is 100 stitches across, and I was up to maybe row 30? I was not very happy.

Anyway, I kept going. And going. And going. I went through three balls of wool (it’s mixed with soybean silk, just FYI); I learnt to cable, and I learnt to be patient. 

Well. A bit patient, anyway. I finished the thing, that’s pretty impressive.

Today I finished it, which meant three-needle bind off. That involved picking up 100 stitches from the cast-on end, and then binding the last row off with those stitches. It took me the entirety of ep3 of Sherlock (sans ads, largely) PLUS an episode of Doctor Who (the daft adipose one, if you’re interested; I only like it because of Donna). So, now, it is DONE. And I even turned it into a cowl, with a Mobius twist, just like the directions said.

Monster chunks

I was going to mix n match their feet and bodies, to have different colours – which I think is what Rebecca Danger does – but J voted for matched, so here they are… sans faces…

… and with faces.

We decided that different expressions were the way to go, too.

These little cuties are for a one-year-old whose existence I learned of on about her birthday. She is the daughter of a woman who was an exchange student in my home many, many years ago with whom my mum and I have stayed in occasional contact. It sounds like the pregnancy was quite traumatic, but the picture we received of the girl today is adorable so hopefully it has turned out for the best, and will continue to do so!

Um. Another monster.

This is another Coco the Canister Monster. It’s my second, because it’s sooo fast – the body is only 29 rows or something. The arms take even me only about half an hour, if that. I’m liking this purple wool, too.

My latest monster

Yes, I may be a little obsessed with the monster knitting thing. But she is soooo cuuuute!!  This one’s name is officially Lurleen, which has to be said with an appropriate accent…

Tony the Toy Box Monster

… yeh, pretty happy with this one, too. This monster involved my first experience of turning a heel, to create feet, so that was… interesting… they’re not that pretty, but they work. Mostly.

The funniest bit? I have sold him! To a friend, to give to a kid who was having a monster party…

New monster

… not too scary for a one year old, right? Right?