Watching the EMAs on the teev. How the hell does Greenday beat the Foo Fighters to Best Rock of 2005?? Beating U2 I’m fine with – they’re really on the cusp of rock, I think – but the Foos?? As if.

And right now the Gorillaz are ‘performing live’. I had wondered how they would do that – in fact, the sis and I had a discussion about it not two days ago – and now I know; presumably some sort of hologram type thing on stage (I don’t know, but you get the idea), or the people actually there were stooged and we in TV land are the only ones to get the benefit.

The lead singer of System of a Down is a weird looking man.

Since when were The White Stripes alternative?? Goldfrapp, yes; not convinced by Beck being alternative, either, but maybe that’s just me.

The “compere” for the EMAs is really, really bloody annoying.

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