Grandparents… again…

I think our little black brid may be confused. I noticed it (I presume it to be the same one) back in its nest before Christmas; I thought maybe it needed somewhere cosy to roost for a while. No… there are more babies in there!! I really, really hope more than one survives this time. We saw Mama Brid feeding them yesterday; it was very exciting. I really wish, though, that I was about half a foot taller, and I would have a much better view inside the nest.

We also had more angel fry when we got home a few days ago – surprise, surprise. I thought that I would give J’s trick a go, and scoop some up in the net. Unlike J, I managed to actually get some in there, so I was pretty proud of myself. Of course, those I didn’t manage to catch proceeded into a diaspora, which didn’t last long…. And the problem is that those caught in the net didn’t last long either, because it turns out they can swim through the holes in it…

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