New music, oh yeh

Thanks to various fortuitous events, I/we had some vouchers to spend at music places. Score!

Goldfrapp – Supernature – because Kat had burnt it for me to see if I liked it, and I love it.
Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory – the bro had it on tape (!) and I loved it, and for $10, who can go wrong?
Fleetwood Mac – Very Best of – again, $10… love Stevie Nicks.
Jamiroqai – Dynamite (his latest) – just because I thought I should own some.
Foo Fighters – In Your Honour – because I went to their concert without owning their latest CD, and thought I should.
Led Zeppelin – How the West was Won – all live stuff. 25 minutes of Whole Lotta Love! The price sticker said $40 or something, but I figured for 3 CDs I could deal with it (and it wasn’t real money)… but it scanned at $20! As Darryl says, Gold!

The bro also gave me John Mayall, The Turning Point, for Christmas – I specified the artist, he chose the album randomly. I remembered him from the show Dancing in the Streets and I thought I should get into some old blues. This one is different because there it’s blues minus drum, so you can actually here the bass… and the sax, and the flute…

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