I finally saw this movie. It was moderately enjoyable; there weren’t as many songs as I dreaded, which was a relief. Having the Muses as a gospel choir was pretty funny, and quite effective – and whether they knew it or not, following the tradition of the Greek chorus, too.


Am I too much of a nit-picker? A pedant? Perhaps. I guess I understand about making Hera the mother – cheating on your wife is a bit hard to have in a Disney film, particularly if you want Zeus to come up smelling like roses – and we just won’t even mention the fact that he is Hercules with Zeus as a father, rather than Herakles… To be really nit-picky, I was a bit irked by their giving Pegasus to him (I could be wrong, always willing to be, but I hadn’t thought that was so – Pegasus was born when Perseus cut off Medusa’s head, was the child of Medusa and Poseidon, and was ridden by Belerephon… but hey). And then there was their putting the heroes out of order. I follow the school that there are essentially two ‘generations’ of Greek heroes, the wild and the polis-oriented. Herakles obviously is wild, as was Achilles and Jason, I think. Theseus is your ultimate political hero. And yet Philoctetes says he has taught all of them before Hercules… anyway. Very few are going to pick that up.

And I guess it was too much to expect that, in a Disney movie, Hercules would kill his wife. But there were no Labours!!

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