Faux celebs

Rant, rant…

I just saw a thing on the news about Simone Warne. I don’t know the ostensible reason for her being there – something about a home renovation website – but since it was Channel Seven (oh, the shame… it was after the tennis), they then announced that she would be appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Please!! Big Brother people are barely worthy of celebritiy status, but at least they are the ones who have ‘earnt’ it. Simone W’s is more infamy than fame. The truly hilarious part was the reporter then reassuring the audience that she insists that the Dancing with the Stars isn’t the start of a media career… oh good. I guess Joanna Griggs has come from something of a similar position, albeit a less out-there divorce, but I am still a bit sus of her, too.

End rant.

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