Daily Archives: May 2nd, 2006

Akhilles and Hektor

Having just finished watching this with the kiddies (comparison between the movie and the myth, don’t you know), I am struck once again by the differences between Akhilles and Hektor.  I am sure people have made these observations before, but they are so different…

Akhilles: the extreme.  The greatest warrior, the immortal, the orphan (basically).  Extreme in grief, ignoring the gods, disrespectful to rulers.  Fights by himself, in front of everyone else, not waiting for them.

Hektor:  the moderate.  Good father, good husband, good son.  Excellent warrior, but also a responsible leader – he doesn’t leave his army.  Respects the gods and his ruler.

Yes, I know that I am probably muddling up the movie with the myths, but eh; tis all grist for the mill.

And Akhilles is “Greek”, Hektor Trojan – yet Hektor seems to embody all the values of the polis… maybe it’s a hero-generation thing; Akhilles is the old-style, outside-the-city-hero, vs Hektor the city-hero.

Think I might have to read Iliad again.