Daily Archives: May 27th, 2006

Video Hits #2

Hey – I missed my 400th post!  How exciting!

So the third Michael Jackson in the top 15 wasn’t Thriller; it’s Remember the Time, which admittedly is a pretty cool song and a pretty intricate video clip.

later edit:

And the fact that number 6 is November Rain isn’t saying much for the age of the audience, either. Truly, Slash has/had an indecent amount of hair.  And Axle really is an ugly man… 


We did the double last night – Alien and Aliens.  Watching the first, I am actually not sure whether I have ever seen it, although Jonesy the cat was very familiar.  So if I have, it was a long time ago.  The second one really was fantastic.

Couple of interesting things:  I already knew about the close identification between Ripley and the queen alien, having read about that somewhere – bitches in space, both wanting to protect their children, essentially.  The other thing was, especially in the second but I think also in the first, was the frequent focus on hands. Hands creeping over a bed or a table top, trying to fnd something.  This is interesting because the larval thing that comes out of the egg, and latches onto someone’s face, looks exactly like an elongated hand.  I think this focus on hands is deliberate, therefore, to make people always unsure as to whether it is a human or an alien.  And maybe also to stress more conenctions between alien and human?

Not sure whether I have seen Aliens 3… surely I have… I know I have seen Alien Resurrection, and I’ve posted about Alien v Predator.  Hmm; might have to do the third and fourth (again), just for a sense of closure.

And truly, it freaked me out to see people smoking – inside a spaceship!  Imagine what that would do to the filters!

New music

I have two new favourite songs:  Ruby Blue, by Roisin Murphy – I’m seriously thinking about buying this album, if it is actually out yet – and Supermassive Black Hole, by Muse.  I don’t think I will buy that album, but it’s a very very cool song.

And the father of a friend of mine has just discovered Wolfmother, which I think is very funny.  She’s got a copy of the CD, but hasn’t listened to it yet; be interesting to see what she thinks, because I don’t think she’s quite such a fan of Led Zeppelin; I think she is more Split Enz (whom she will be seeing in a couple of weeks), and Moody Blues-type music.

Video Hits

Does the fact that there are two relatively old Michael Jackson clips in Video Hits’ Top 100 “as voted by you” – in the top 15, and who knows Thriller might still get there – show that the audience of the show is actually my age, rather than the teenyboppers I always assumed?  And if it is, what does that say about the taste of those people??

Of course, it has also included Pink’s “Stupid Girl”…