Daily Archives: May 21st, 2006

I have never been so stooged…

J checked the TV guide tonight, and was a bit excited – but more dreaded because of my expected reaction – to see that The Great Escape was on TV tonight.  However.  Turns out that it’s not THE The Great Escape. No, instead it is the two miners who got trapped and ABOUT WHOM I JUST DON’T CARE ANY MORE.

Stooged.  So, so stooged.

Church conference

Church conference this weekend.  Topic was Grace – in fact, “Treasures of Grace”, organised partly by a guy whose last name is, no joke, Treasure, with a mascot called Pirate Pete (he was purple). 

Overall, it was good.  The speaker was great, althuogh I missed the last session because I volunteered for creche.  Grace is such an amazing concept; it was good to be reminded of it, and of how it impacts on my life.

It was spoiled by a few minor things – J had some issues with stuff he had loaned to the whole deal, and I had some minor existential crises – but overall I am glad that I went.

2001: A Space Odyssey

I’m reading this, again.  I decided I wanted an easy book to read this weekend, because we were at a church conference and I decided that I needed that something easy and completely off topic would be good.  So I am enjoying it, again, of course.  I really like the character of David Bowman; he’s cool.  For some reason I had really mis-remembered Frank Poole’s character; I thought that he was a bit of a nasty type, from memory, or just plain annoying.  But he isn’t; in fact, he is quite inoffensive.  There is nothing to choose from between David and Frank in terms of who you want to have survive or aything like that.  So that was good.

Of course, I will have to read the next three books too, now.  Which is just fine by me.