Daily Archives: May 7th, 2006


I really love the new song by Wolfmother, Lovetrain.  It’s the B-side for White Unicorn.  I’m not going to go out and buy the single, so I really hope that it comes out on their next album, whenever that happens.  If not, guess I’ll have to go the iTunes route, long as it is still there…

We love trashy TV

I’m watching a bit at the moment, in between Stargate episodes, as J is mucking around somewhere.  League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is on one channel – I’ve written about it before; I do love its glorious trashiness (although I am still really not convinced by Nemo as some sort of nautical Raj, I do still love the “Call me Ishmael” line) - the Logies is on another, with some terrible dresses; and Law and Order is on yet the other commercial channels.  Love Sunday nights.