Bad cliches

I am over – totally over – being told that I am on a journey through life. Really, really over it. We had a thing about Health and Wellbeing at work today – it’s all week really, and today was the keynote speech, when we all got told how important our Health and Wellbeing was. But the guy – my goodness. He had his odd funny moment, but generally a bit boring. And really quite self-centred too. He talked a lot about himself. Which to some extent for me was ok-ish, because I am (sadly? weirdly? frighteningly?) a bit like him – introverted, into books, blah blah, so at least some of the things he mentioned were relevant to me; but for everyone else – boring! And incomprehensible, probably, too! ANYWAY – I got some chocolate out of it, so I guess that’s one good thing.

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