Daily Archives: July 17th, 2006

Chrissy Amphlett

She was just on Denton. What a truly amazing woman – getting over her alcohol addiction, paying off debts, getting herself back together. And it was very funny having her Mum and cousin there, commenting on her performances and antics – Mum comes across as a very tolerant woman, very loving. I think there has been a bio written recently of her – I don’t think I’ll read it, but it would be interesting. [I haven’t even managed to read Jim Morrison’s bio yet, and Chrissy is some way behind him. (Hey, now there’s a reason to go to Paris – go to the cemetery…).] Anyway, she’s very cool, and I hope they do actually play her acoustic performance. And I have to wait up to see Ben Elton, too….

Origins and Forms of Greek Tragedy

I finished Origins and Form of Early Greek Tragedy on the weekend. It was fun – I really enjoyed it. He’s quite convincing, about tragedy not actually starting from satyr plays and Dionysus, but rather developing through Solon’s ideas (that bit I’m not entirely convinced about, not least because I don’t actually know enough about the time or the man), and Athens’ experiences in the Persian Wars, etc. What I really need to know now is why people today don’t take any notice, apparently, of what the dude said – this was published in the 1960s, and yet to this day it’s said that tragedy started from the “goat-songs” of Dionysus. So did someone write a rebuttal? Or has it just been ignored? Very curious… I might have to ask some people.

Bad cliches

I am over – totally over – being told that I am on a journey through life. Really, really over it. We had a thing about Health and Wellbeing at work today – it’s all week really, and today was the keynote speech, when we all got told how important our Health and Wellbeing was. But the guy – my goodness. He had his odd funny moment, but generally a bit boring. And really quite self-centred too. He talked a lot about himself. Which to some extent for me was ok-ish, because I am (sadly? weirdly? frighteningly?) a bit like him – introverted, into books, blah blah, so at least some of the things he mentioned were relevant to me; but for everyone else – boring! And incomprehensible, probably, too! ANYWAY – I got some chocolate out of it, so I guess that’s one good thing.


Have I mentioned how very excited I am about JTV happening?? It’s going to be GREAT not to have to watch bad “Top 50” videos!

Yay. Yay yay yay.

The squister

I got home to hear a message from the Ma, asking me to call her when I got home, but that nothing was wrong. This is a bit worrying, despite the reassurance, so I call… and my sister is on the phone! She decided to come home quite all of a sudden, from what I can tell – the bro knew, because they talked about it when he was with her in Edinburgh, but we didn’t know. She got home at 11pm last night, having been picked up by a couple of friends from the airport. Apparently there’s some special bell ring she and the bro have, so she rang the bell, and Mum answered with toothbrush in mouth, totally bewildered – but now, very happy. And she’s coming to visit next week! Whooppee!

Calendar Girls

This was a really lovely movie – I have always been a bit biased against Helen Mirren, thanks to the first movie I ever saw her in which I am trying very hard to forget, but she was fantastic. So was Julie Walters. I think it’s remarkable that this movie was based on a true story – how impressive! To raise nearly 600,000 pounds in a few years is brilliant. And the movie – marvellous. So much potential to be slushy, and it doesn’t take up any of it. Thankfully.