Daily Archives: July 6th, 2006

Huckabees again

Naomi Watts is really fatastic in this movie… for most of the movie, she’s only been a voice and the occasional face; now she’s onto the Existential Detectives, and she’s trying to figure out whether or not to be pretty…

I [heart] Huckabees

I wrote quite a long post, for me, about this movie, which I’m watching at the moment. It got et by the puter because for whatever reason, I lost the internet for a minute. I don’t think I can be bothered writing it all again. It involved:
— I’m watching it because of seeing it reviewed on The Movie Show, and David loved it.
— I’m watching it for something completely different from what I would usually watch, although it is a little bit like The Life Aquatic (but better)
— The cast is excellent. Dustin Hoffman is a legend, and so is Lily Tomlin; Mark Wahlberg is surprisingly good, and Jude Law plays a total prat.
— OK, the bit that I just watched, with the mud and sex and stuff – that was really damn weird.
— This is a really, really funny movie; I’m loving it.

Attila the Hun

I’ve been fascinated by Attila for a while, at least partly because there seems to be so little actually known about him and he – along with his Huns – have become synonymous with evil bad rampaging Vandals (with whom they were contemporaneous – lovely). So when I saw a bio of him written by John Man, who I just love after reading Alpha Beta and The Gutenberg Revolution, I was very impressed. And I am still impressed after reading it. He does a lot to make his work accessible, and bring the subject to life: I wonder how many other would-be biographers of Attila would go to Hungary and find the man who has, single-handedly, basically reinvented the art of horse-mounted archery? And from he description, this is quite an amazing feat.

So anyway, finally I have an understanding of where Attila actually fits into the whole world history picture. I also really appreciated Man spending a chapter on later representations of Attilla and the Huns, since I never understood why the Germans suddenly became Huns in WWI. Plus, to read about the near-veneration of Attila frm modern Hungarians is also eye-opening; that old chestnut about one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter…

Lost another fish

This time it was a rasbora. This is maybe the second or third fish in about three weeks. I wonder if they are all getting old, or if there is something up with the tank… I must admit that I am a bad fishkeeper, and have not done any tests on the tank water in a very, very long time (and I do mean a loooong time). Perhaps I should do that.

Earth, Air, Fire… Custard…

New Tom Holt book – woohoo! And that really is the title. One of the partners at JW Wells and Co has created a new dimension, the substance of which bears a remarkable resemblance to, yes, custard. So cool.

I really do like Paul, the lead character in these three Wells books; he is just so normal. I like that he isn’t always expressing amazement at the bizarro things going on around him, because I think that – like him – I would just get to a point where amazement is just boring and you just go “yeh, whatever….”

So basically, it’s a good book. Enertaining, weird, twisty-turny, and just now and again laugh-out-loud-funny.