Daily Archives: July 14th, 2006

Following on…

… from the last post, I think I might actually have to get out of bed, although whether I stay out is another question: I need to go and get my book, to try and finish it today. I’m currently reading The Origins and Forms of Early Greek Tragedy (my boss just laughed when I showed it to him – so I’m a geek, who cares? He admitted to being a news junkie…). I’ve got two new books to review for VATE, plus I’m getting one from ASif!, and frankly there are just a lot of books looking at me rather accusingly form the shelves at the moment. It’s making me feel guilty… and paranoid….

Saturday mornings

So I haven’t got up this morning to watch bad music videos. Instead, I have stayed in bed, listening to the rain which has put a spanner in the plans to prune some roses – mind you, that’s a plan that may well not actually have got off the ground, since it’s not likely to get above 11C today. I’ve watched the 7th episode of West Wing Season 6 (at this rate, we’ll finish it in a week… we only started watching it on Thursday night, when we watched the entire first disc – 4 episodes), and episode 8 of Farscape season 2. I might actually have to venture out today to get more Farscape, although when J gets back maybe we’ll watch more West Wing… and I am hopeful of getting more Stargate tomorrow, too, since our suppliers are apparently nearly finished it… It’s a great weekend to have no markin to do.

Jimmy and Alan

West Wing 6 – Jimmy Smits! Not entirely sure why he ranks as getting into the lead credits, but oh well. And in the lead pictures on the DVD is Alan Alda! No idea where he will come in, but I’m very willing to wait and see.