Saturday mornings

So I haven’t got up this morning to watch bad music videos. Instead, I have stayed in bed, listening to the rain which has put a spanner in the plans to prune some roses – mind you, that’s a plan that may well not actually have got off the ground, since it’s not likely to get above 11C today. I’ve watched the 7th episode of West Wing Season 6 (at this rate, we’ll finish it in a week… we only started watching it on Thursday night, when we watched the entire first disc – 4 episodes), and episode 8 of Farscape season 2. I might actually have to venture out today to get more Farscape, although when J gets back maybe we’ll watch more West Wing… and I am hopeful of getting more Stargate tomorrow, too, since our suppliers are apparently nearly finished it… It’s a great weekend to have no markin to do.

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