Cookie Monster

I happened to turn to the ABC this morning, in the process of watching Spicks and Specks (which I taped from Wednesday, and I MISSED THE TIE-BREAK QUESTION!!), and there was Cookie Monster. He was testing which shape of cookie tastes the best – it was really quite funny, he went on a bit about texture and aroma; clearly one for the mums (moms?). Anyway, I have finally figured out how he eats the cookie! Other people might have noticed this before, but I haven’t really paid attention to Cookie Monster for a while. Everyone knows that he is a very messy eater… well, that’s the trick: the hand crumbles the cookie up, so that none of it actually stays in the mouth – it falls out! Very tricky.

Incidentally, J thinks that Cookie Monster has sold out, by now saying that cookies are a ‘sometimes food’.

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