Rage – for the last time

Yes, watching the last edition of Rage Top 50… until, I guess, the JTV people want a holiday.

Anyway: I cannot BELIEVE that there is a song called “Promiscuous” out! Singing about “promiscuous girl, promiscuous boy” – as if that’s something that they should be proud of! I don’t consider myself a prude (some might disagree), and I guess I would be considered conservative because I’m a Christian, but I fail to understand how anyone can think that being considered promiscuous could be a good thing. Surely no one wants to take seriously someone who is willing to sleep with anybody? I guess it’s good for others who just want random sex with no attachments, but I dont believe that he majority of people really do think like that – and even if lots do in their teens and twenties, later in life it’s definitely something that will fail to satisfy, if it ever did.


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