Daily Archives: November 5th, 2006

Nooooo fish

That’s noooo as in “new”, not “no”, by the way.

Went to Coburg. Bought 20 neons, which are little and cute, and 20 black neons, which are very exciting. We also bought two little Flying Foxes, which I hope will do the job of the Siamese Algae Eaters who died… that was very sad. I’m sure the exploding algae issue is due to that.

So… oh yes, a rasbora died, which was sad, and the remaining giant angel seems to have a serious issue… it has a wound on its underside – I think it may be around the anus. Anyway, if fish had suppurating wounds, I think this one would be. I’m very, very sad.

RandomAlex gets old

Well, I’ve just passed 600 posts – how remarkable! And it wasn’t a very interesting to mark such a landmark…. Anyway, for a blog that started as a way to record my adventures in fishkeeping, it has progressed some way. I don’t remember my last fishie post – although there will be one in a bit, yay! I started by writing a paper diary – I am an historian, I love hand writing stuff – which I then typed up. I then decided to add the rest of the stuff… and the rest is, naturally enough, history.

Just by the way, if anyone actually gets this by RSS or similar, could you let me know?? I’m fascinated to find out… although I’m guessing I’l be disappointed =]

Death of a Mango

I love mango. Absolutely love them.