Daily Archives: November 6th, 2006

Tibetan railways

I’ve been really digging having World Hum on RSS. Thanks to it comes this article on the railway that China has built into Tibet – the highest railway, I think, anywhere. It’s about the experiences of the author on the 48 hour trip. I’d love to visit Tibet some day… but probably not by this train.

BBC radio shows

I’ve been listening to “In our Time” today: my house has been invaded by musos, taping a demo of some new songs written by Esther. So I’m banished to the bedroom, with my puter and a couple of books.

So I’ve listened to the episode on the Diet of Worms, on the Encyclopédie, and at the moment to Poincare and his conjecture… which I admit I’m not listening to very carefully, so I’m actually not really sure what the conjecture is. Nevertheless, I do enjoy these episodes, despite the fact that often I think Melvyn is a but of a knob, and seems to try and trip his guests up. Sometimes I guess his seeming-abrasiveness is to get the entire thing done in 40 minutes, which is always an effort.

Word Play

I saw this yesterday, at the Nova – and it was brilliant. Who would have thought that a documentary about people who make and do crytic crosswords could have been that interesting?? It really was just about the people, and their relationship to the NY Times cryptic: there is some tension around who will make it to the Championship stage of the American national competition, and then who will actually win, but it’s structured around the people themselves talking to the camera – the filmmaker is basically invisible, which is a style I’ve always liked. The people themselves were the sort of odd collection that frankly I expected. I liked that they included a few famous people – Bill Clinton, a comedian whose name I forget, the Indigo Girls – but basically the only things they talked about were the NY Time crossword. The people who actually went to the nationals were the main stars… and yes, they’re a bit nerdy (or a lot, in some cases), but they are potrayed in a sympathetic light and allowed to speak for themselves.

Definitely worth watching!

New fish!

Yesterday, we got 20 normal neons, who are very small, and 20 black neons, who are not so small. I got two little Flying Foxes too, although at the moment I can’t see them at the moment. I’m hoping that they will do something about the algae, although that might be helpful.

Meanwhile, the angel is sick… doesn’t look worse, but not good….