Daily Archives: November 3rd, 2006

Global warming? Nah, nukes are more interesting…

I love this, about the effects of nuclear weapons. It’s a bit old, in ‘net terms, but still pretty damned funny.


…and her head are being re-attached.


Victorian Debate

No, not about Queen Victoria; this is the night of the only debate between Ted Baillieu, leader of the Liberal Opposition, and Steve Bracks, current Premier and head of Labor. They are mostly just blaming each other for issues in Victoria. Now maybe I’ve been spoiled by Bartlett (and I have no doubt that I am), but these two are just so painful! Much of the time they are just avoiding the question and slanging at each other. It is sooo depressing. I think I will just vote Green. And, given the changes to the Senate, that might actually make a difference….