Farscape s1, e6

Farscape rewatch

Each week on a Sunday afternoon, join Alex (of Randomly Yours, Alex) and Katharine (of the unpronounceable Ventureadlaxre), as they re-watch the Australian-American sci-fi show Farscape, notable for the Jim Henson animatronic puppets, the excellent mish-mash of accents, and the best OTP ship of all time.

Season One, Episode Six, Thank God It’s Friday Again!

Summary: In which D’Argo turns from super angry to super hippie, Crichton gets beaten up (again), Aeryn discovers more and more about herself, and Rygel is actually kind of helpful?

K: D’Argo seems a bit cross about something. So it seems Luxons have a thing called hyper rage and Crichton is right in his firing line as he’s another male and therefore competition, I assume?

A: dangerous stuff. Also, Rygel looks disturbingly excited about D’Argo having killed someone.

K: Mad Max reference, and now we’re in a scene from the second Matrix. Though this probably came out before that?

A: “No one saw the third one” – ? I thought Thunderdome was more popular than the second! And ha, alien orgy scene. Awesome.
And D’Argo is now… stoned? And happy to see Crichton? Must be stoned.

K: I do love how often they have food scenes considering how hard that must make it for both the props and continuity departments.

A: It’s an awesome attempt at world-building, which I really admire.

Ah, red-eyes. Fun way to indicate creepiness. And Rygel is, as always, STUFFING HIS FACE.

K: N’aww, Aeryn’s picking up more and more of Crichton’s oddities.

A: AHAHA woody vs willies.

K: And that sure is a strange way to pass a message on to Crichton…

A: Oh I dunno, slamming him against the wall and forcing him to listen seems quite effective.

K: Interesting how Crichton reminds Aeryn of her heat issues, and that in turn Aeryn reminds him that they’ve planned to not linger and they’re leaving, without D’argo or not. Aeryn doesn’t seem to stand for the idea of without Crichton or not…

A: They’ve definitely become a real crew, which is awesome. Aaaand D’Argo is off with a lady who seems quite… elastic…

K: Boom chicka wow wow Zhaan.

A: I love Zhaan. And I love her composure, and how straightforward she is.

For just a moment there I thought Aeryn was going to shoot Rygel. OH WELL.

Aeryn has to figure out what’s going on with Rygel, since she’s not going to shoot him, and it’s all “No, I’m not a scientist” – but then she agrees to do it, and apparently Aeryn is very adaptable and I love her.

K: And things start seeming a little odd. Wasn’t today supposed to be a rest day? Isn’t that what happened last night? Dun dun dun…


K: Very MATRIX indeed. And same voice as Rygel!

A: SO GROSS. Is it actually the same voice as Rygel?

K: Ok, hrm, apparently not. Dammit.

A: John keeping on eating while he looks like he’s about to be sick is a bit disturbing.

K: And now Zhaan’s starting to think that this sounds like a pretty good life after all. Aeryn better get back there soon.

A: I dunno, it’s hard to tell the difference with Zhaan 😛

K: Maybe Rygel can stay like this for a while.

A: YES YES. Any other reference to Rygel’s ‘protuberances’ can be avoided in future, thanks.

Oh, everyone’s drugged! OF COURSE THEY ARE. No one is that happy labouring in the fields without being stoned, of course.

K: Do you think you’d be immune, A, or do you think you’d be happily harvesting gourds and so forth happily for the rest of your days?

A: Oh I’d be farming with great joy, I have no doubt.

K: John acting weird on purpose is one of the best things in life.

A: Glorious. Just wonderful.

K: Pilot really is the best character in this show, he’s so lovely. And his bond with Aeryn is excellent. And then Aeryn’s so proud of herself for doing a thing that doesn’t come naturally and succeeding and is all happy. It’s so weird seeing her having doubts.

A: “It’s just so tedious…” – aw Aeryn. Pilot’s honesty with Aeryn is beautiful. I think to some extent it’s done to, I guess, manipulate her – but in the best possible way, to point out to her that she IS capable of doing this. Her having doubts makes a lot of sense since she’s always had a very clear measure of her worth, as a Peacekeeper – getting promotions or whatever. I love that Crichton clearly finds Aeryn’s science-talk pretty sexy.

K: Ahh, Australian acting…

A: I wonder if it’s just the accent that means it’s hard to take them seriously.

Ha I just realised that the leader has red eyes and white clothes, whereas the laborers have white eyes and red clothes. Clever. I really don’t get why she’s played quite so… oddly; like she’s drunk and trying very hard to enunciate clearly.

K: I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a huge reveal or not. I mean, they said there were Sebacean there and then there’s a huge ‘whoa’ moment when they see the Peacekeeper logos everywhere? Hrm…

A: Peacekeeper symbols are a bit Nazi-ish, aren’t they, especially presented in this way. I think this was a surprise to me, the first time.

K: I’ll never get how come anyone refuses to explain things in more detail when there’s time (at least if they start walking) and if there’s some kind of danger involved. Wouldn’t it be easier to explain?

A: I guess people think they have less time than they actually do?

K: Fake-smiling Aeryn is adorable, and her little ramble about what she had to do. Aww.

A: “the enemy was a puzzle”… and John gets a genuine smile at last. Crichton does love science-talk.

K: I… guess we can call this one a win for Rygel saving the day…?


It’s a lovely ending, suggesting that people really can and should change by themselves – with a little guidance but not forced by outsiders. 

K: A suitable ending, and Aeryn’s turning into a right little scientist. I’m so proud!

In summary, do you want to be happy forevermore? Eat foods you know nothing about from other planets!

Number of times Aeryn saves the day: 2

Number of times John saves the day: 4

Times John compares someplace to Earth: 1

References Star Wars: 1


Join us next week for PK Tech Girl!


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