FarScape Rewatch: s1, e10

Farscape rewatchSeason One, Episode Ten: They’ve Got a Secret

Peacekeeper issues are still on board as fits with the plot when it suits. It may have infected D’Argo, who is then hurled out of an airlock. All in a day’s work when you’re on Moya.

K: I wonder how this conversation started – ‘John, come here, I need a ladder I can order about?’

A: Oh I HOPE so. Plus, D’Argo is a right little whinger. “Wah, I’m doing droid work!”

K: And I wonder if Pilot can regenerate just so it’s easier to have his puppets back to normal after the last episode…

A: what, you don’t think it’s narrative-driven?!

That hole didn’t look big enough for D’Argo to crawl through.  

K: And D’Argo continues to think that yelling solves everything. WHY wouldn’t he just go back out to the passage and ask again? Hasn’t he ever had a mobile phone?

A: I used to think I liked D’Argo, but he is really not winning me over on this rewatch. You galumphing goon, just yanking on cables? Seriously?

K: Sometimes Moya seems massive. 20+ levels?

A: Yeh that’s unexpected.

K: And D’Argo still hasn’t learnt from his mistakes… This is what happens when you cut off one of Pilot’s limbs, D’Argo!

A: AHAHA. Surely you don’t think Pilot is that manipulative? (insert joke about limbs and manipulation).

Aw, first indication of D’Argo’s old life. I am still unimpressed with him though. Also unimpressed by John just YELLING at Pilot to get a response. Zhaan, however, is all Scientist Mode and I love it.

Pilot, you are terrible at being subtle.

K: Interesting discussion between Aeryn and Crichton about slavery and otherwise.

A: huh yes, just in passing – it’s a really interesting further indication of this not being a kid’s show.

K: Aha, Aeryn is awesome. I’d be a bit cranky stuck to the floor too, I wouldn’t like to be low either when things are going weird.

Does Aeryn have a happy place?

A: And having to rely on John to sort things out. Pretty sure Aeryn has never needed a happy place until she met these people.

K: Bwahaha.

…Why does John need to help Aeryn wash her hand?

A: Solicitous. So cute. Also, continuing their conversation, right? I don’t think John KNOWS why he did it, to be honest. John’s serious face is so little-boy.

K: D’Argo thinking that Zhaan is Lo’Laan is sad and sweet and aww.

A: And a bit ew.

I love Aeryn being all scientific! She’s so proud of Peacekeeper tech.

K: I’m sure there would be some uncharted world space market that has technology that works properly at seeking out Peacekeeper technology. There would be in the Firefly universe (though I should stop comparing sci fi worlds).

Earth does sound pretty awful when you speak about it in generic terms and facts. But then, chocolate. Crichton has a point. We just got a Max Brenner where I live, which is amazing.

A: mmm now I want chocolate.

K: And things are starting to fail around them.

A: DRDs as symptomatic of problems on Moya are TOO CUTE. Also, no refrigeration is very bad.

K: I love seeing Aeryn start to become closer and closer with Pilot. It’s such a powerful role and one so healthy and helpful, too. Like, the opposite of a Peacekeeper. Taking the role of who is apparently the ‘servant’ on board, as D’Argo said last episode?

A: OH Aeryn. Using the skills she gained as a Peacekeeper – she is a pilot after all – to help Pilot in the first place, and everyone else by extension.

Oh and then Rygel turns up. I was enjoying the episode without him. I just loathe the way Rygel reacts towards D’Argo here.

K: D’Argo is still behaving oddly, Rygel still isn’t funny, Zhaan isn’t seeming too well now, Pilot is out… things aren’t looking too great and we’re only halfway through the episode! Who’ll save the day, Aeryn or Crichton?

A: Aeryn the Scientist!

K: Careful Crichton! Who’s D’Argo going to see when he looks at you? Also, how exactly will D’Argo be helpful anyhow?

A: John just never seems to understand situations before him; he thinks that if he keeps talking things will just come right.

K: Poor D’Argo, though I’m still cranky with him for the last episode.

A: This is the most earnest I’ve ever seen D’Argo. It’s good. And then it’s back into Amnesiac D’Argo.

K: So Crichton’s going to save the day. I wonder how he’s keeping his hair so short and all shaved nicely after so long in space anyway? I wonder if space has some easy ‘don’t have to shave’ thing on offer, like how they have different ways to look after your teeth etc

A: I wondered that about Aeryn’s armpits at the start of the ep, actually 😛  Maybe they have magic depilation.

K: Maybe Sebaceans suffer from… what’s the lyric in the Tim Minchin song? ‘suffers neck down alopecia’?

A: SWARMS of DRDs! How terrifying!

This is very weird cinematography during the confab about exactly who is responsible for the DRDs getting apparently evil. And Zhaan’s offense at John thinking her body carries bacteria is hilarious.

K: Suitably dramatic plot development. Having to shut down Moya where it’s possible they won’t be able to revive her again?

A: How distinctly unpleasant, and a bit too much like the cutting-off-the-arm-of-Pilot.

K: Poor D’Argo. Though that is one creepy looking child.

A: Playing D’Argo like this is a bit unpleasant, too. Finding out D’Argo’s past is quite traumatic… and basically an info-dump  😛  Cross-species family being destroyed…  😦   

K: Just in the nick of time, D’Argo comes back to them. Aeryn having to do the unthinkable because it’s the only option, regardless of whether everyone else agrees with her or not.

A: Although they do all seem to agree, which is also, well, a bit despicable actually.

K: So why are the comms working again? Or was that explained by something else they’ve broken?

A: nah comms are essential to the narrative. Can’t lose those.

K: Bwaha. If I ever write a sci fi novella you’re checking it for shit like this!

A: Aeryn cutting Moya’s brain is awful.

K: Yup. Argh.

OH! It’s this episode! I didn’t think it happened this early!

A: seriously? That’s hilarious!

K: Poor Aeryn getting yelled at though, chill out guys.

A: so panicky, much freaking out. 

K: Aeryn does seem to be favouring that one button. Or maybe it’s the only one they have that moves. I like how she doesn’t seem fussed that something may be really, really wrong, she’s just like eugh these idiots…


I love the way John talks to Moya/ the DRDs; it’s so cute. 

K: Aeryn and D’Argo have a nice little moment, and D’Argo finally has some character development after a few episodes of being a pain in the ass.

A: Aeryn bucking ingrained traditions! Breaking freeeee!


In summary, as with humans, if someone starts behaving oddly it’s possible they may be pregnant. Make hot chocolate and order in some cushions.


Number of times Zhaan saves the day: 1

Number of times Aeryn saves the day: 3

Number of times John saves the day: 5

Times John compares someplace to Earth: 1

References Star Wars: 1

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