FarScape s1, e11

Farscape rewatch

Season One, Episode Eleven: Til the Blood Runs Clear

John and Aeryn go for a little haunt ‘round the block to collect data towards getting John home. Things go far better than expected, which goes to show how rude John can be, and brings the science back to this show for an episode.

A: Just the title of this episode bodes poorly for D’Argo. I love Aeryn’s snarkiness in this opening; she’s so funny.

K: I didn’t even realise that. Ah well, maybe it’ll give him a chance to redeem himself for past episodes.

A: aaaand Zhaan is having A Moment in the sunlight, which is quite spoiled when Pilot points out the radiation could harm the baby. Guess that’s going to be a thing for the rest of the show.

K: Zhaan is a plant 😀

A: I don’t think we know that at this point!  😀

John, you didn’t TELL Aeryn that you were hoping for a wormhole, when you went for this flight? Seriously? You were just… what, hoping to go home and Aeryn would come with you and you’d leave Moya et al behind?! That is beyond selfish.  

K: John is pretty damn selfish. Does he like her at this stage, or just thinks Aeryn doesn’t belong out there anywhere and can do whatever on earth? It’s pretty insulting either way to think she has nothing better to do.

A: and then you have a wormhole, and it’s unstable. Aw sad.

K: Why does John go all dreamy anyway? Allergic reaction to worholes? That must suck, looks like he may as well stay on Moya. Earth ain’t that great anyhow, John.

A: And the sunshine is having QUITE an effect on Zhaan. Rawr. Photogasm!!

K: Slightly amusing.

A: Open up a wormhole and then the module is damaged… dang. Why is D’Argo assuming control at this point?

K: Male privilege?

A: Yay Aeryn confronting John about his arrogant expectations! That’s right, John, it’s only YOU that cares about this module.

K: Aeryn is excellent. At least John can admit he needs her help.

A: Nice Star Wars-ish graphics for the planet. Also, MAGDA! This is probably my favourite ever cameo. Also also, I love her garage a lot.

K: Oh my goodness, I don’t think I knew of her when I first watched this. Ahaha excellent! Love the cigar. I don’t get why he thinks this module is the only option to be able to get home – surely there would be other transport that would be far more stable. Unless he’s smart enough to think about having to cover his tracks so Earth doesn’t have immediate confirmation of life elsewhere and go invade. Somehow I don’t think that’s what he’s thinking of though…

A: CRAIS! Well, a recording of him anyway.

K: Be still, your fluttering heart. Why is the quote ‘beating’, why would someone want their beating to stop?

A: Details, details.

The bounty-hunter intro-music is magnificently intimidating. John’s assumption of butch (heh) arrogance is… kinda scary. If appropriate in context, I suppose.

K: I would have liked the plot line more if Aeryn has assumed control and said Crichton was her property instead, but eh. Eugh, John and his names.

A: Ahaha, love Butch and Sundance. Although knowing what happened to them in the end, NOT the greatest of choices!


K: Quite empowering for Zhaan to be casually able to enjoy that wherever, I suppose?

A: Wow these bounty hunters are magnificently stupid. Um, their costume is a bit problematic though?

K: Just a tad.

A: Aeryn gets a personal message from Crais! Offering an honorable retirement if she turns in Crichton etc! Um, how uncomfortable for her.

K: Tempting when he’s being such an ass and just assumes so much – I’d certainly first be wary that it wasn’t enough to make her at least consider it.

I love that her title is quite excellent in full. I wonder if Crais can be trusted, though. And would Aeryn even like to retire? I’d love to know more about the other elements of their race, and what people do other than be Peacekeepers, and what happens after.

A: Stupid, these bounty hunters, but apparently quite good at catching people. And D’Argo is just a bit stupid – or perhaps it’s reckless.

K: I’d go with reckless. Cool rock music though.

A: nicely done there, John, to get D’Argo’s blood running clear and get the bounty hunters to trust you.

K: Hence title of the episode, woo!

A: Someone interfering with John’s ship! Oh no! And Aeryn comes to the rescue… getting knocked out for her pains. AND she’s blinded. That must be truly terrifying for her.

K: At least Magna wasn’t trying to scam them. Aeryn’s going through hell lately, poor thing. Certainly not ringing endorsement to stay with John and go to this Earth place, surely.

A: Zhaan freaking Rygel out about being nude is fantastic. Yet again another example of this not being a kids’ show.

K: Rygel is such a snobby old man.

A: How many shuttles ARE there on Moya??

K: Well it does have 20+ levels we don’t often see, I suppose. Does it ever say how many people can be housed on Moya? Do we ever know what they’re usually used for? Cargo transport? Seems a lot of things can mess a Leviathan up so… doubtful. But then they’re also reliant on a crew… so who knows.

A: Oh Aeryn, having to admit to a disability and needing help. This is going to be hard, given your desire for self-reliance.

K: I guess to even out how John had to ask for her for help before.

A: Zhaan can make herself unscented??

K: Any excuse to have to get more photogasms!

A: This D’Argo/John fight is a just a whole lot of willy-waving. Interesting that they suggest they can never be friends – I rather thought that their relationship was already progressing to that. Maybe I see ‘allies’ and think ‘friends’.

K: I assumed friends from previous lines in the show how D’Argo was being all buddy-buddy with Aeryn and so forth. You’d think if he could say that about a ex-Peacekeeper, he’d be able to say it about some alien idiot. Kinda seems like some lazy lines in this episode.

A: And Aeryn walks out, hot as all get out (btw why is she not having heat issues?), and she saves the day without having to fire at any of them because it turns out, using your brain is sometimes a better option. Who’d’ve thought?

K: That’s an interesting point. Maybe it’s a cold desert? Some people seem to be dressed for warmth, and then John’s walking around in his shirt sleeves…

A: I really did wonder how John was going to pay for the mechanic’s labour and parts. Parting with the tape with all the data? That’s quite a price. At the same time: what were you going to do, John? Just bail with your debt unpaid??

K: How have they paid for anything at this stage? Zhaan’s mentioned a few odd jobs sometimes maybe for food cubes etc… surely they have credits from that?

In summary, sunlight can be really good if you’re Zhaan, Magda Szubanski should have a cameo in every second episode, and the boys are jackasses in this episode. More so than usual.

Number of times Zhaan saves the day: 1

Number of times Aeryn saves the day: 3

Number of times John saves the day: 5

Times John compares someplace to Earth: 1

References Star Wars: 1

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