In the news

I am so pleased that the miners finally got rescued the other day.  Because I am frankly sick of all the media attention it’s been getting.  You know what?  They are not heroes.  They did nothing heroic.  They survived – they are survivors – and that’s good in itself. They did not, however, doing anything heroic.  Argh.

The other thing that has narked me in the news recently is that soldier she got killed in Baghdad.  First, he wasn’t the first Aussie to die in Iraq – there was an Aussie on that Blackhawk helicopter that went down a while ago.  The other thing is that for Johnny H and whoever important else to got to the funeral is just dumb.  Will they do that for the next Aussie soldier who dies over there?  And did anyone bother to do that for the 600-odd Aussie soldiers who died during Vietnam?

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