Greece: Secrets of the Past

I am glad I did not spend money to see this.

It was narrated by Nia V… whoever did My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  It felt like it had lots of discontinuities in what they were talking about.  And it was full of Greek hubris, despite the discussion near the end about how Athenian hubris led to their downfall:  5th century Athens being something like the greatest flowering of human something-or-other.  And it wasn’t what I expected, either.

Half of the movie was about the explosion that destroyed Thera, on Santorini:  the archaeology of it, the discovery of frescoes, the timing of the eruption itself… that bit was pretty cool.  The second half was about Athens in 500BC – Perikles, the building of the Parthenon, drama… This bit was ok.  I was very impressed by the CGI reconstruction of the Parthenon, and their imagining of the statue of Athene.  And I really like the zooming over Santorini and Delos, showing the pillars and ruins.

Overall, I was quite disappointed.  Sigh.

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