Me cycling

I don’t think I mentioned that I bought a bike – or had one bought for me, anyway… It’s a Kona Fire Mountain. J has a Kona Caldera, so it seems that lots of the Kona cycles are somewhat volcanic… Anyway, I’ve had it for a week. I’ve been trying to cycle every day, but what with getting home late and it still being winter, and me not having lights, makes this somewhat hard. At any rate, today we went into the city – more abot that later – and we decided to ride. Thi was quite a feat for me. It was 5.5km one way, which to experienced cyclists is a walk in the park literally, but for me was quite a way. The way in was quite easy – lots of downhill, which is always nice – but the way home was a bit home, for the aforementioned reason…. Nonetheless, I made it; hurrah!

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