Daily Archives: February 1st, 2007

We are home

So we are home; actually have been for a few days. We were in the UK, for those who don’t know. Most of it was England, a bit in southern Scotland, and a bit in Wales. It was totally overwhelming. I will eventually get around to writing a bit more here, and put up a few (out of the 400 or so) photos here and on Flickr. But I just can’t, yet. It was too much. But I had a huge amount of fun, and saw pretty much everything I wanted to. And it wasn’t nearly as cold as I was expecting either, except for the last week when we were in London and it snowed. The snow lasted until past midday, so it was pretty cold.

The pants may not fit, and the hat will

It is official, people! Official! There is going to be a fourth Indiana! Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford have all confirmed it – it’s being filmed this year. Wahoo! Not entirely convinced by a 60+ year old Indiana, althouh Connery was pretty old when he last played Bond.

But who cares? Wahoo! Indiana Jones IV!