Daily Archives: February 16th, 2007

Ah community

Don’t you just love it?

The school at the end of our street is having their annual Twilight Fete tonight, so I thought I’d pop along and check it out. The only connection I have to it is a couple of friends who send their kids there, but I thought it would be good to support the community. i went hoping for potplants, but there were none; expecting books, which there were but the range was prety small; and decided against buying biscuits and cakes simply because carting them home would have been a pain. But I also found something I hadn’t even thought of.

Snow cones!

I haven’t had a snow cone in years! it was very exciting to have one. It melted in minutes – it’s still 30C + at 5pm – but it was quite refreshing. Also refreshing is the thunder and the clouds coming through… hopefully it really will relieve the heat a bit.

To get to the school, though, I had to go past Local Crazy Man. He lives in/sleep at a house on the street – his house – which looks like it ought to have been demolished years ago. There was a fire in it last year, and a number of his neighbours were half hoping that the firies would be tardy… but it was not to be. He’s generally harmless: goes backwards on crutches down the street, rides his bike around, and so on. Today was a bad day: sitting in front of his house (behind the temporary fencing put up I think by the council), yelling at nothing in particular, I think going on about how he hates Americans. Now, I don’t think he’s ever actually hurt anyone or even abused them directly, but I have a friend who won’t walk down our street to take her kids to school, because she doesn’t want to walk past him with them.

Communities. Gotta love them,