Daily Archives: February 20th, 2007

The U2 lads

ABC2 is showing the making of Joshua Tree at the moment, which I’ve got in the background as I read a Ben Peek story to review for ASif! It’s quite interesting, musically, and I have to say – the lads have all distinctly improved in looks over the years! The long hair was really not a happy time for Bono. And Adam Clayton looks heaps better with the spiky short blonde. Interesting.


Catholics and Anglicans to unify?? You cannot be serious! That just really, really wouldn’t work. I don’t need some dude to mediate between me and God – that’s why Jesus died, for His sake. Besides, I think that 500 years is a very, very long time to be separate and then think you can rejoin….

Pish. That’s what I say: pish. And I’m not even that attached to the Anglican church; it’s just where I am at the moment. How must full-on Anglicans be feeling? A bit weird and a bit queasy, many of them, I would bet… although I guess there are some who like the idea. To which I say: go be a Catholic! It’s allowed in most societies where you’re already a Christian, so why force all the other Anglicans to go with you?

The word ”archaeology”

I’m watching Time Team, and I’m really enjoying it – they’re at Cirencester, which we visited in January, and they’ve found some really cool stuff – the mosaic in particular is brilliant, and I can’t imagine how thrilling it must have been to discover it.

However, they really pain me when they use the word “archaeology” to mean the stuff that they find: “there’s some really interesting archaeology still to be found.” No, there isn’t. There are some interesting ruins and artifacts to be found, and some arduous digging and cleaning to go through as well, The process of finding the stuff is ‘doing archaeology’, along with figuring out how it all works together and what it means.

Bugs me. Grrr.