Daily Archives: February 14th, 2007

LifeĀ Support

Oh. My. Goodness.

The bro-in-law bought us the first season on Life Support, an SBS TV show from a few years ago that he and Starvin’ Dan had absolutely loved.

We’d never heard of it. For those like us, it’s a spoof on lifestyle shows. It’s got Todd, the handyman; Sigourney, The Modern Woman (who tells you how to have a pleasant home and please your husband); Dr Rudi, a South African doctor who likes to talk a lot about sex; and Penne, a 19 year old who helps people scam their way through life.

We’re only half way through the first episode, I have shrieked a number of times – part in horror, part in horrified amusement. I know it’s deliberately trying to be offensive – they’re pushing boundaries really hard, and it could only work on SBS….

I think we’ll enjoy watching this series, but I think we’ll only be doing one episode a week – it would just be too, too much otherwise!