Daily Archives: February 5th, 2007

Green tank – and a general fishy update

So I finally succumbed, and realised the tank was succumbing to sickness fairly badly. There are a couple of fish with serious cases of ick (I think), and a few others with slight spots on them. So I’ve dosed the ship up with meds, which has turned the entire tank green. It may well end up killing some of the healthy fish, unfortunately – especially the rasboras, I seem to remember from last time. But I think it will be worth it… and we’ll be able to re-stock with an assurance that the tank is healthy.

We lost a few fish over summer. I think a couple of neon tetras carked it, and definitely a couple of my pretty rainbow widows. The angel is still alive, which is amazing given that the hole is still there… the black neons are doing well, but the penguin tetras are looking dreadful – a number of them seem to have incredibly ragged fins, to the point where a couple of them don’t have fins, basically.

Fun and games. Poor little fishies.